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Your Integrated Aluminium Solutions Manufacturer In China

C.S.A.L is China's leading integrated aluminium extrusions and aluminium fabrication specialist. By being the partner of our clients in the products development, we enable them to make their products as better as it would be. With our experience, we will offer integrated service according to either detail drawings or just only a concept from our customers, eventually the solution and delivery will meet their satisfaction.

Our Missions

We listen to your demand and detail about the new products development, maing aluminium engineering advise and improve it with our expertise, our qualified personnel in technical department are experienced in aluminium for architecture, industry and decorations, enabling your R&D become more efficient, eventually develop a solution of cost effective, quality ensured and higher productivity for your company.

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China Shengpeng Aluminum Limited affiliated company of Guangdong Nanhua Aluminium Factory Co.,Ltd

Address: No.201, 12th Building, No.33 industrial zone, Lvjing 3rd Road,Foshan, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China.

Tel/Fax:86-757-83332665                         Skype ID: rogeralu

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